About Me

Lee Crain, DBA

I'm Lee Crain and I could be your contract or part-time DBA. I specialize in the administration and automation of Microsoft SQL Servers.

Many small and medium-sized companies need expert DBA services but can't afford them. I can remedy that.

I can analyze, optimize, and automate the optimization of your database server environments so that reliability and best performance are automatically maintained.  With proper automation, you won't need a full-time DBA to manage and monitor your day-to-day operations.

I have 30+ years of I.T. experience, primarily in database focused, software engineering. I've spent most of the last 17+ years working on database servers in high volume, mission critical environments. During the last 7+ years, I've become an expert on the implementation, optimization, and automation of database and database server best practices with a primary focus on achieving and maintaining high performance.

The implementations I'm referring to are named "best practices" for a reason. They enable high performance. They create pro-active, database server management environments that either prevent problems or intercept small problems before they become big problems.

If you need expert DBA services in a Microsoft SQL Server environment, I can provide them on a part-time basis at less than a full-time expert price.

Contact me to schedule a free consultation on performance tuning your SQL Server.