Focus on Performance

Focus On Performance

You’ll notice throughout this website that the emphasis is on server performance. That’s because day-to-day server performance issues are the relentless, number one problem facing many database server users.

What constitutes good database server performance?

  • Efficient, reliable, predictable database server performance in all areas of server activity. 
  • No query timeouts. 
  • No lost transactions. 
  • No excessive report execution times. 
  • No query deadlocks or blockages. 
  • Reliable SQL Server Agent job executions.

Acceptable database server performance is often a hit and miss proposition in production environments. Some days it’s good. Other days it’s okay. And on some days, it’s unacceptable. As a professional DBA, I consider variability of database server performance to be unacceptable.

There are other important subjects about database servers not directly related to day-to-day performance:

  • security
  • high availability 
  • database backups
  • data recovery
  • ETL (data Extraction, Transformation, and Load)
  • business intelligence
  • data analysis
  • reports
  • queries producing incorrect results
  • database migration
  • and more. 

I can and have performed work in all of those areas but once set up properly, they tend to continue to work properly.

Not so performance. Database server performance tends to be a moving target.

Why? Because of the often unpredictable dynamics of what happens inside an operating SQL Server environment.

Good database server performance should be the norm, not the exception. It should be predictable and expected at all times, under all circumstances, unless a hardware failure has occurred. Otherwise, there should be no performance issues. Not ever.

Creating reliable, predictable, database server performance has been the primary focus of my I.T. career. It is where I can make the biggest contribution to improving a client’s production environment.

I specialize in normalizing and optimizing SQL Server performance so that efficient, reliable, predictable server performance is the normal, day-to-day expectation.

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